It is very important that you know the year and model of your Lambretta before you order parts. Many parts are interchangeable between models produced in 1960 and the last Grand Prix models produced in India in the late 1990's. However, important differences exist between many parts found on Lambrettas of the same model and only a year or two apart. The three basic families of Lambretta scooters are as follows. Bear in mind that many parts are interchangeable between the various models in each family, but rarely between models of different families:

          A. Li Family - Li & TV Ser.I/II/III, SX, Serveta, GP(DL) 3.50"x10" tires, tubular frame, stationary front fender, horizontal cylinder, 4 speed transmission.

          B. J Family - J50, J100, J125, Luna 3.00"x10" tires, pressed sheet steel frame, stationary front fender, vertical cylinder, 3 and 4 speed transmission depending on model.

         C. LD Family - LD Mk.I/II/III, D 4.00"x8" tires, tubular frame, turning front fender, vertical cylinder, 3 speed transmission.

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  No: Sx200 styling
  Color: Red/white
  Price: $2950
  No: Li Special
  Color: Union Jack
  Price: $2950
  No: SxStyle
  Color: Ivory white
  Price: $2800
  No: TV175 series 3
  Color: Dark gold
  Price: $3500
  No: Model D
  Color: Yellow
  Price: $3500
  No: LAMLI2
  Color: white/powderblue
  Price: $3500
  No: LAMSX150
  Color: black
  Price: $2700